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Can I Play Intertops on the Go? Oh, yes....!

The story behind Intertops Mobile Casino is perhaps even more fascinating than the story of the desktop casino that began operation way back, in online casino terms, in 1996.  In the early days of mobile communication, the mobile phones were so big and clunky that few people would have said that mobile was “convenient”.  In those early days, there were no mobile online slots or other online games available to mobile.

Mobile certainly has come a long way since the days that a few business managers felt that having a massive mobile device was a “necessity” not a convenience.

Extraordinary Convenience

Now we all recognize mobile as a huge convenience.  In the online gambling world, the great convenience of mobile gaming comes in players’ ability to play for very short periods of time when you are on the go or to play in the most comfortable manner when you are at home relaxing after your long, hard day at work.


Two revolutions in mobile have combined to make mobile gaming and online slot machines so popular in such a short period of time.  The revolution in graphics made gaming on mobile devices a lot more pleasant than it had been.   This combined with the technology that made mobile devices sleek and easy to carry so that you can easily play wherever you are!

The most popular games on mobile are naturally slots.  Every slots game we offer on mobile is either reprogrammed for mobile or was developed specifically for mobile. 

Table games, video poker, and Caribbean poker are also designed to look and play smoothly and seamlessly on Intertops mobile casino.  Our gamers find that they quickly forget that they are playing on a smaller screen!  That’s a major tribute to the tech people and to our game provider, RealTime Gaming.

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Intertops Casino Mobile and Gaming away from Home

At Intertops Red, we find that our loyal gamers actually play different games depending on whether they are at home or away from home.

When you are waiting in a queue, we have found that you play for just a few minutes.  This makes perfect sense, of course.  So gamers waiting in a queue often play real money games with a higher chance for very big wins such as progressive jackpot games.  The excitement of the game will take your mind off the queue.

This is also true if you play on the commute home from work.   Another aspect of mobile gaming is that even though the mobile casino is so easy to access, most gamers do not play mobile casino games on the commute to work.  In the morning, our biggest mobile gamers are preparing themselves for the day at work.

It is in the hour or so after work that so many gamers go online on the mobile platform to play a few turns at a progressive jackpot game.  After a few spins on a progressive game, players may switch to another popular slot, to video poker, try out some live dealer games or to simply play a favorite table game.

When you have just a few minutes to play, multi-hand video poker is one of our gamers’ most favorite games.  It’s so much fun to see the game counter register all the wins from the up to 100 hands you can play at one time!

Mobile Gaming at Home

There are gamers who play for just a few minutes at home and there are gamers who play for longer stretches on the mobile platform at home.  The mobile platform makes gaming extraordinarily comfortable as well as convenient.

You can curl up on your most comfortable chair or sofa, access the mobile games and play some free spins, visit the live dealer at the casino, play some specialty games or use your player bonus either through the app or directly on your server in Instant Play mode.

Many gamers have found that the comfort of lounging on a soft sofa makes mobile gaming a great way to begin a romantic evening with their partner or significant other!  And why not continue in the bedroom, curled up with a partner and warm blanket – playing at an online/mobile doesn’t get any better than this.

Mobile and Desktop Work in Tandem

At Intertops Casino, you have one account.  You can use the money in your account to play any displayed casino game and use your player bonus at either the mobile platform or the desktop platform.

Banking is exactly the same at either casino platform as well.  That means that, if you make a deposit, and redeeming any of the many deposit bonuses, while playing on the mobile platform, the money will go into your casino account and you will be able to play with that money and bonus when you next play on your desktop.

It also means that we handle your requests for withdrawals in the same way from either gaming platform, with a withdrawal speed of up to 72 hours (or up to 3 business day). The pending time depends on the company used for the bank wire.

Promotions Work Great on Both Platforms

Every promotion and player bonus we offer is available on either platform.  For example, if you enter a slots tournament while playing at one platform, you can continue to play in the tournament from the other platform!  The same is true for every promotion, deposit bonuses and free spins offers, we run.

When you accept a deposit bonus, the money goes into your general account for use at either gaming platform.  For every player bonus, including free spins, we keep track of your wagering requirement from both platforms as well.  That means that that we count toward your wagering requirement even those few spins on a progressive game you played while waiting in a queue.

The comp points promotion in which we enroll every gamer also works in tandem whether you play on the mobile platform or the desktop platform.

Safety and Security

On the mobile platform, we use the same encryption software to protect all of your vital personal information starting with your account as we use on the desktop platform. 


Intertops Casino is periodically monitored or audited for overall fairness. The independent body, of the gambling industry, that performs the audit looks at both the desktop platform and the mobile platform of the online casinos. We welcome these audits because they prove that our games and banking practices are always 100% fair and aboveboard.

Customer Service

Intertops Casino Red/Intertops Mobile Casino has a customer service office that never closes!  We find that some gamers have questions when they first come to the casino mobile platform to play.  We urge every gamer to reach out to our excellent  customer support staff at any time and with any question.  The customer support representatives are there to help!  By email, toll-free phone, skype or Live Chat!

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